New Premises

ACEC are delighted to announce that our new building is finally open.

In 2014, the opportunity to purchase the premises next door arose. Seeing an increase in sales we jumped at the opportunity, instantly doubling our space to 20000 sq. Ft.

Initially we combined the warehouses to increase our stock levels. This allowed us to expand our range and keep lead times down to a minimum.

With our staff numbers increasing we then set about combining the office space.  This work was slower than expected but began in 2017. The project was completed late 2018.

The end result saw state of the art meeting rooms and office spaces. Perhaps the diamond of the building is our new showroom which offers customers a visual representation of our products.

The finishing touches to the building were complete when our 3D signs were installed. Now they can be seen from quite some distance as they illuminate the way to our premises.

Be sure to stop by to have a look or chat to any of our sales team!

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